JERZY {JUREK} GLOD, born in Poland, began playing guitar – his first instrument – when he was 10 years old. Four years later, switched to playing drums and just a year later, at the age of 15 Jurek started playing professionally at local clubs and events in Poland. In the next few years he formed a jazz trio with Jacek and Wojtek Niedziela. Together, they won numerous awards and competitions including the 1st Prize in the prestigious European Jazz Competition in Leverkusen Germany, where they received the European Young Jazz Artist of 1985 title. As a trio, they formed a rhythm section behind legendary Jan Ptaszyn Wroblewski performing around Poland and making several recordings and many radio and TV appearances.

As soon as Jerzy started enjoying wider recognition among polish jazz audience, he was invited to join the band of the most unique of polish jazz composers – Zbigniew Namyslowski. While touring the world with the Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet, Jerzy was completing a Masters Degree at the Music Conservatory in Katowice, Poland. After graduating with honors, Jerzy received a scholarship from the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Since graduating Summa Cum Laude from Berklee, Jerzy has been playing with many local musicians performing around New England and New York, with few escapades to play at jazz festivals in France and in Bosnia and Herzegovina.





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